Say Goodbye
to Cash!

Convert Your Customer’s
Cash to Debit Card Instantly!


There are numerous advantages to eliminating cash within your operation! Eliminate potential infectious pathogens associated with cash (Covid), eliminate counterfeits, robberies, theft, and other costs associated with cash. In addition, reduce employee time and labor in handling cash within your location!


Within a minute, your consumer can convert their cash to an instant issued prepaid Mastercard for up to $900. This prepaid debit card can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted. The consumer simply inserts their cash into a kiosk which operates in multiple languages, provides some basic information, and receives a prepaid Mastercard within seconds. Now they can use that Mastercard to purchase tickets, concessions and any other products and services offered within your location.


CASHCARDKIOSK is there from beginning to end. We:

  • Ship the kiosk
  • Install the kiosk
  • Service the kiosk
  • Provide 24/7 hour support to the location & consumer
  • Cash logistics (armored car)
  • Complete reporting of transactions and customer spend
  • We provide the connectivity via cell phone (hard wire optional)
  • We provide and ship card stock
  • All support is included!


Not only is there an ability to convert your customer’s cash to card, but cashcardkiosk offers so much more! All completely optional…

  • Market to your customer directly using the cashcardkiosk marketing monitor
  • Wrap the kiosk with your graphics
  • Order a custom card with your logo
  • Numerous marketing opportunities from wrap to still and video ads, and digital coupon books
  • Issue vouchers/tickets

Check out our sister company for a complete array of financial service offerings serving the unbanked and under-banked!

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