Say Goodbye
to Cash!

Say goodbye to theft, fraud, counterfeits, health risks and cash costs. Say hello to customer satisfaction, increased spending and additional marketing abilities.

A comprehensive Cash-to-Card solution encompassing both self-service kiosk hardware and a sophisticated software platform. Our end-to-end system empowers customers to effortlessly convert cash into a prepaid Mastercard at designated self-service kiosks which can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted.








Consumer Advantages

  • Whether it’s a concert hall, zoo, theater or hotel, patrons will have the financial freedom to use a prepaid debit card, anywhere Mastercard is accepted and the immediate ability to convert their cash through our instant issue cash to card kiosk.
  • Now the customer can Pay and Go with their instant issue prepaid Mastercard.
  • Within seconds, a customer can ditch the cash and get the instant power of a debit card in their hands!

Location Advantages

  • Greatly reduce health risks! No more handling of potential germ-carrying cash from patrons.
  • Reduce costs from staff handling of cash, cash storage, cash handling (such as armored car and bank fees), security, theft, fraud, and counterfeits.
  • Increase spending power… Customers with plastic in hand tend to spend more!

Additional Advantages

  • Take advantage of on-screen marketing and the ability to message the consumer even after they’ve left the venue.
  • Access to reports, 24-7. Cash treasury management/logistics available.
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Our Portfolio

We proudly provide cashless solutions to various industries including hotels, amusement centers, concert venues, fairs, stadiums, and others.


CashCardKiosk, a division of Kiosk Prepaid, has been in the self-service kiosk space service space since 2019, and for a total of 33 years serving the unbanked and under-banked. Born of necessity, we have taken many locations cashless through a turnkey kiosk solution Kiosk Prepaid has issued tens of thousands of cards and saved venues from handling millions in cash handling.
The Founders have served tens of thousands of consumers through not only brick-and-mortar facilities but also through a kiosk opportunity offering a multitude of product and service offerings which creates a unique and unparalleled opportunity to serve the client at the highest of levels.

Serving Businesses Just Like Yours Nationwide

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